Most Popular Podcasts

We’re admittedly biased and think all the shows are packed with powerful truths to encourage you on your journey. But here’s a few of our most popular episodes. If your new to the show, this is a great place to start.


#1 Tim Keller - Who do you think you are?

"In traditional identity formation ... you are your duties. In modern identity you are your ... desires." While its different from our typical format, Tim gave an exclusive talk at our annual meeting challenging us with how we evaluate who we think we are and how that measures with who God says we are ... Listen to the podcast here

#2 Nancy Duarte - How to Tell Your Story

One, we think, definitely worth hearing. Why? Well there are few things more important in our lives than effective story telling. There are few better people (maybe no one??) that do a better job at helping people tell their stories than Nancy Duarte from Duarte Design. They help CEOs of Fortune 100 companies tell their stories, and maybe something more impressive: they are the “go-to” firm to help TED presenters tell their stories well. Listen to the Episode.

#3 Chip Ingram - Care about WHo become, not just what we accomplish

In Part One with Chip Ingram, Senior Pastor of Venture Christian Church in Los Gatos, CA, Henry has Chip walk through his experience pastoring many Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. While Chip’s own entrepreneurial persuasions began at an early age selling Halloween candy in late November at a significant markup, he realized early on in his life as a pastor that he could teach and inspire far beyond his leadership capabilities. Chip gives us a mandate to care about who we become more than anything else, as well as a construct on how to have the right view of both God and ourselves. Listen to Part 1 or Part 2.