Episode 48 - Unleashing the Power of People and Increasing Productivity 300%: Bryant Ambelang, CEO of NatureSweet

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Today we’re on the road, connecting with Bryant Ambelang, President and CEO of NatureSweet, the largest greenhouse producer of tomatoes in North America. Currently, NatureSweet has over 8,000 associates and operates seven facilities—six in Mexico and one in the U.S. NatureSweet products are distributed in major grocery stores in all 50 states and across Mexico and Canada. Their headquarters are in the San Antonio. We had the chance to hear about the incredible things God’s doing to unleash people through Naturesweet.

Bryant shares with us the ways he has cared for his employees by doing a better job of connecting their purpose and passions to their work. He specifically cites a time where the company decided to triple output and therefore growth and outlines the steps he uses to get buy-in from his people by first remembering that they are unique creations with callings, passions and desires there to be tapped for His glory.

We hope today’s podcast is inspiring to you as you seek to do the same with your teams for His Glory and Kingdom. We’d love to hear from you on how you intend on doing exactly that in the comment section below.

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