Episode 53 - The Entrepreneurial Story that led to 370 Million Reading the Bible - Bobby Gruenewald, Founder of YouVersion

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Bobby Gruenewald of YouVersion joins us this week giving us the low down on the origins of this wildly popular bible app with 370M+ downloads and counting. This pastor, entrepreneur and former rap artist (who knew?) shares with the team how the desire to become better engaged with scripture was the impetus to developing YouVersion, the first iteration of which proved to be a failure - a web app because there was just no iPhone yet (remember the days?). The team’s approach to failure, commitment to being faithful to God’s leading step by step and the desire to be the best stewards of all God gives them are all elements contributing to YouVersion’s success and Bobby gives us the details as well as a reveal into the future direction of the app to deepen the relationship between God and His People.

Bobby’s community is an example of how a church actively chooses to live within the realm of innovation to further the message of the gospel. Share with us the ways you are innovating within your organizations for the sake of the gospel and the fame of His Name at faithdrivenentrepreneur.org.

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