Results Matter - The Gary Archer Story

by Henry Kaestner

We're going to continue with this concept of highlighting motivating videos to get our work week started well.  It gets me going ... I hope it does the same for you.

This is the Gary Archer story.  He owns and operates Let's Play Sports that makes indoor soccer facilities across the country.  He's a C12 member and this is a great mini (4 minute case study) on the impact of working with a workplace ministry group that can help to set you up with a group of fellow business owners to encourage and challenge you in your walk with the Lord and how it integrates in to your business. 

Here's my favorite quote:

"I had been part of creating a culture in this organization that really rejected God, because I was atheist and I rejected God.  I had to wrestle with how do I bring in Christian principles and Christian values in to a culture that was anti-God that I actually helped create"

My biggest take away from Gary's story and the role that C12 played in it, was the transparency that Gary has in telling his story about being reluctant to telling his employees that he was praying with them, and the challenges in advocating for chaplaincy with his Board.  There is something very powerful in working with a peer community that's in process together and can encourage and challenge each other amidst the very real circumstances and even pushback that we all experience.

Would you like to know how to integrate your faith in your business?  Not sure where to get started?  Check out our Resources section to learn more about C12 and the workplace ministries in your market. Their CEO Groups, in particular, are worth checking out as they offer peer advisory, 1-on-1 coaching, best practices, networking and more! If you’re based in the US, there is a group meeting in almost every state.


(Thanks to Mario Klassen at Unsplash for the cover photo.)