An Entrepreneur Asks “Who Is My Neighbor?”

An Entrepreneur Asks “Who Is My Neighbor?”

Choosing inconvenient neighbors makes us more redemptive entrepreneurs. Jon Kontz shares his thoughts, “I know I need to be a good neighbor, yet I feel pressed to choose between community and opportunity.”

Martin Luther King Jr. on Work

This short speech (about 3 minutes) by Martin Luther King Jr. inspires me each and every day to work for the glory of God and not for the glory of man. 

In 3 minutes, I feel that MLK really sums up the basics of faith and work integration.  In all honesty, I try to come back and listen to this 20+ times a year.  I am looking for a place to hang the quote on the wall, but MLK's voice is so much more inspiring than the written quote.  He was one of a kind with regards to motivation for the gospel.