The Power of "I Can't"

The Power of  "I Can't"

A major decision for anyone reading this blog site is whether you will truly be a “faith-driven” (as in the very engine, operating system, fuel, source) or a “faith-inspired” entrepreneur.  The market is awash of moral, virtuous entrepreneurs who throw a periodic hat tip to Jesus (#blessed) and even seek to draw upon Biblical principles to enhance their ventures.  How we relate to God and how we then operate from an identity defined by the Gospel radically alters how we lead.

Who am I? The Identity of an Entrepreneur

Who am I? The Identity of an Entrepreneur

“What really motivates us as entrepreneurs? The freedom for the faith-driven entrepreneur is that in Christ, all the work is finally finished. Our work, then, is simply to listen, obey, and to tend the vine given to us. And when it grows, to marvel at the handiwork of the Gardener. “

Martin Luther King Jr. on Work

This short speech (about 3 minutes) by Martin Luther King Jr. inspires me each and every day to work for the glory of God and not for the glory of man. 

In 3 minutes, I feel that MLK really sums up the basics of faith and work integration.  In all honesty, I try to come back and listen to this 20+ times a year.  I am looking for a place to hang the quote on the wall, but MLK's voice is so much more inspiring than the written quote.  He was one of a kind with regards to motivation for the gospel.