Episode 54 - Governance without Giving up Control: Byron Loflin, Founder of the Center for Board Excellence

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Byron Loflin, founder of the Center for Board Excellence, joins the team this week, helping us get a handle on the importance of good governance within our organizations. He shares with us his views on why governance is core to servant leadership and promotes healthy, humble accountability that provides a stable runway for your organization’s success. Even early stage firms can benefit greatly from a modestly sized board (3 plus the entrepreneur).  Thoughts on how unanimous boards may actually be a sign that the board isn’t providing the robust thinking needed, how they should provide credible challenge and constructive dissent are all topics the team works through to help provide a framework on selecting and maintaining a board that will contribute to the success of your business or organization. And yes, we even broach the subject of how this is too often the least favorite part of the entrepreneur’s job with all giving pointers on how to balance the tension between stewardship and control.

A great deal of light is shed on how to take advantage of the very Christian concept of community and fellowship to help provide wise stewardship to an endeavor with this week’s topic of governance. We love to hear about some of your best board and other type governance experiences in the comment section below. Your story helps us in the building of our own!

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