Podcast Episode 43 - How to be a Lion: Ed Silvoso, Author and Founder of Transform Our World

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This week, the team chats with Ed Silvoso, author of several books including Anointed for Business, Transformation and Ekklesia. He’s the founder of Transform Our World, an international network of marketplace ministers whose goal is the elimination of systemic poverty through actively advancing the kingdom of God via a unified Church. Here’s a few of our favorite moments from this week:

“There is a tipping point and that is when that leader understands, usually that leader is a governmental leader or a business owner, that he is chosen by God to transform society, not just to have a kingdom company but to have a King’s company.”

“We don’t go to Church, we are the Church. The church doesn’t belong to a pastor, it belongs to Jesus… the word ministry is not associated with the Pastor, the Evangelist, the Teacher, the Prophet or the Apostle. It’s associated with the saint. So the work of the Pastor is not to do the work of the ministry, the work of the Pastor is to equip the people, for the people to do the work of the ministry. ”

We hope you are inspired by this weeks episode to begin considering more fully what God has given you with the gift of entrepreneurship. If you've ideas on how you can use your organization to transform culture, systems and and other aspects of the society around you, please share with us in the comment section below.

Ed Silvoso’s Books:

Anointed for Business




Transform Our World