Episode 28 - Part 1: Interview with Mike Sharrow (CEO of C12)


The first of two parts, this week’s episode finds the team speaking with Mike Sharrow, President and CEO of C12, an organization that provides a confidential and intimate environment where like-minded peers share ideas, discover and plan for areas in their business that need improvement, hold each other accountable, and encourage one another to conduct business in a God-honoring way.

Episode 27 - Interview with Jason Johnson (CEO of August Smart Homes)

Jason Johnson, serial entrepreneur and founder of August Smart Homes, talks to Rusty and William about when the entrepreneurial itch first hit him while working at a large tech company. From humble beginnings, Jason explains how receiving a scholarship to Pepperdine University introduced him to the responsibility of calling and that entrepreneurship was a natural expression of that calling.

Episode 26 - Live from the Alpine Inn Part 2

In part two from the Alpine Inn, Henry, Rusty, and William field more questions from our guests but first gave some background on Inklings, the gathering of faith driven entrepreneurs in the Bay Area who meet regularly in the same vain of the original Inklings gathering of faith driven thinkers C.S. Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien, Dorothy Sayer and others.

Episode 24 - Interview with Nancy Duarte

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This is a special episode for us. One, we think, definitely worth hearing. Why? Well there are few things more important in our lives than effective story telling.

There are few better people (maybe no one??) that do a better job at helping people tell their stories than Nancy Duarte from Duarte Design. They help CEOs of Fortune 100 companies tell their stories, and maybe something more impressive: they are the “go-to” firm to help TED presenters tell their stories well.

Show Notes for Episode 24

Episode 23 - Biblical Message of Generosity

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God needs our success and our money to do his work on earth, right??  What is the most important question for us to answer:  How to give, where to give, why to give?  How do we define "net worth"? There may not be a more important topic for a Faith Driven Entrepreneur to tackle, than how to think about generosity.  We worship a generous God who has given to us generously, and we, as do all Christ followers, have an opportunity to respond.  How should we do it as entrepreneurs?  How do we think about ownership?  How do we think about giving?  How do we think about God?

Show Notes for Episode 23

Episode 22 - Expressing Gratitude in the Workplace

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In this episode, Henry, William, and Rusty explore the topic of expressing gratitude in the workplace.  They discuss how we can be more intentional with showing our thanks and appreciation to others as leaders.  A starting point for this outpouring is finding a way to be grateful ourselves.  When we do this, it resets our perspective and causes us to be grateful for others, their work, and their contribution.  

Show Notes for Episode 22

Episode 21 - Pt. 2 Interview with Vic Ho - Co-Founder & CEO of Fivestars

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In part two with Vic Ho of Fivestars, Vic expands his thinking with regards to how faith and work come together in his life.  For something, completely different, he answers the question, "Which Bible Character did the best job at customer retention" and finally he does a great job of talking about what God has taught him about Sabbath.

Show Notes for Episode 21

Episode 20 - Pt. 1 Interview with Vic Ho - Co-Founder & CEO of Fivestars

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This week we are honored to sit down with the man, the myth, the legend, Vic Ho, Co-founder and CEO of Fivestars.  Vic is a long-time friend of both Henry and William, so it's true joy to have him on the program.

What's the lifeblood of a business?  We would argue that customers are on the top of this list.  Well, that's what Vic focuses on day in and day out.  Customer acquisition and customer retention.  

Show Notes for Episode 20

Episode 19 - Interview with Dave Blanchard - CEO of Praxis

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In this week’s episode, one of our listeners, Marty, asked "how do you discern your calling".  This is an incredibly light and easy to answer question that barely impacts an entrepreneur's journey, so this will be short.  Of course I'm kidding, this is something we have all asked ourselves, and is something that is incredibly difficult to navigate alone ... so we had to phone a friend.  We are super super lucky to have Dave Blanchard from Praxis join us on the podcast to help our listeners think through this issue.

Show Notes for Episode 19

Episode 18 - Performance Reviews

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In the week’s episode Henry, Rusty, and William discuss how we can love on our team members through performance reviews.  As entrepreneurs, it’s highly likely that you are overseeing a team.  As Christ followers, how do we display Christ in the performance review?

Show Notes for Episode 18

Episode 17 - Interview with Missy Wallace of Nashville Institute of Faith and Work

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In the week’s episode Henry, Rusty, and William talk with Missy Wallace of Nashville Institue for Faith & Work and she gives her insights into the convergence of faith and work.  She tells us a bit about her own journey, how she developed her theology of faith and work, the founding of NIFW and how she is equipping entrepreneurs today. 

Show Notes for Episode 17

Episode 13 - Equally Yoked in Business

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Whether it is in personal relationships, marriage, or business, being equally yoked with other Christ followers is highly preferable. 

This issue can be very, very important in the life of an entrepreneur, so in this episode Henry, Rusty, and William share their own views and experiences on partnership and doing business with people that don't yet have the same worldview.

Show Notes for Episode 13

Episode 12 - Calling

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In this episode, Henry, Rusty, and William discuss the issue of calling.  Many of us have heard God calling us to a particular purpose.  

Romans 8:28 says “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”  

Show Notes for Episode 12

Episode 11 - Pastors Equipping Entrepreneurs

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A pastor is in a unique position to influence his leaders who are in the marketplace in many different ways, and this week we turn out attention to how a pastor might support entrepreneurship within his congregation.

This week, Henry, and William interview special guest, Pastor Andy Wood of Echo Church, about his journey in ministry and the world of entrepreneurship. 

Show Notes for Episode 11

Episode 10 - Evangelism in the Workplace

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In this episode, Henry, Rusty, and William tackle the question should we even evangelize at work in the first place? When it comes to expressing our faith at the workplace, it’s important to discern and hear God’s voice. Our vertical relationship with God affects the horizontal one with our fellow teammates. Henry also reminds us that we would do well to be mindful of whether we are being willful or faithful.

Show Notes for Episode 10

Episode 9 - How to think about benefits

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In this episode, Henry, Rusty, and William discuss company benefits and the reasons behind them, options and creativity and how to show care for employees. In sum, the suite of benefits that a company provides to its employees should align with the company’s values.  

Show Notes for Episode 9