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  • Darin currently sits on the board of 7 companies and chairs 5 of them, where he holds majority investment stakes.

  • Fifteen years ago, Darin was able to fulfill his lifetime goal of taking 3 years off industry, to study full time and achieve a Diploma in Theology.

FDE Blog Post:

Darin Owen

Darin Leroy Owen was born on July 15, 1961 in Durban. He has been an entrepreneur for most of his life, covering a diverse range of companies and industries.

His business interests range from import/ export, clothing manufacturing and distribution, IT, homeware, property investment and development and labour brokering.

He thrives on his international relationships and finds himself challenged,rebuked and encouraged from other like-minded people around the world with the same kingdom principles, to meet and share ideas and strategies.

Darin’s heart is for Orphans and the uplifting of people in general. He sits on the board of Summerhill House and JAB Network. Both of these organisations are based in the North Coast and are registered NPOs, PBOs and Section 21 companies. Summerhill and JAB have been running successfully for 7 years and have been a great source of joy as he has witnessed the uplifting and enrichment of others.


Darin lives in Durban, South Africa on the coast with his wonderful wife Paula and 3 magnificent children, namely Savannah, Joshua and Kristin.