Podcast Episode 24 - Interview with Nancy Duarte


This is a special episode for us. One, we think, definitely worth hearing. Why? Well there are few things more important in our lives than effective story telling.

There are few better people (maybe no one??) that do a better job at helping people tell their stories than Nancy Duarte from Duarte Design. They help CEOs of Fortune 100 companies tell their stories, and maybe something more impressive: they are the “go-to” firm to help TED presenters tell their stories well.

As you might imagine, they’ve got a great story, one based in their faith and firmly rooted in Scripture. We think you’ll like it and that it will be a blessing for you.

Also, we did something a bit different this time through. William and I (Rusty was on the East Coast) took the podcast on the road to the offices at Duarte Design. Here’s a quick (1 min) behind the scenes video.