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Top 100 Video Stories

Videos 21-30

Welcome back to our countdown of the Top 100 Video Stories for Faith Driven Entrepreneurs. Like before, you can’t go wrong with any of the videos on this list, but here’s a few to get you started.

Like golf? Then, you’ll love this video with John Solheim, Chairman and CEO of Ping. He talks about his relationship with Bubba Watson and what it looks like to run a business for God’s glory—not to mention how excellence in your work gives you a platform to tell others about Christ.

Two of the videos in this list also feature guests of the FDE podcast. You may remember Alan Barnhart from his episode God Owns it All. His video story is just as inspirational as his podcast was. We also have Jeff and Ally Davidson from Camp Gladiator. You can listen to their podcast episode and watch their story to hear how an impromptu wedding day audition for American Gladiator started them on an epic entrepreneurial adventure.

One of our other favorites from this list is The Story of Nordstrom. In this video, Jack McMillan shows how he has learned the powerful lessons of unity in leadership as well as the redemptive power of Jesus Christ throughout his career. 

These are just a couple of recommendations to get you started but be sure to check out the rest of the videos on the list and get ready for the top 20 coming next week!

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[Special thanks to Denise Jans on Unsplash for the cover photo]