Top 100 Video Stories counts down to #71-80

Top 100 Video Stories

Videos 71-80

As we get closer to some of our favorite videos for faith driven entrepreneurs, you’ll find that we have videos covering a vast array of topics. This week’s videos look at commercial banking, private jets, real estate, steel works, recruiting, and just about everything in between.

The videos we’d like to highlight specifically are from Chris Chancey, Paul Abbott, and David Weekley. Though different, all of their stories are both fascinating and encouraging.

In Harnessing the Power of Immigration with Chris Chancey, you’ll discover a unique business model that involves recruiting immigrant. His story is brought to us by The Lion’s Den, a group we’re always eager to point entrepreneurs toward.

Speaking of groups we’re thankful for, LeTourneau Center for Faith and Work shared a great video with us about Paul Abbott and Covington Aircraft. This family-owned business shared what it means to turn everything over to God, including their business.

And lastly, we’d highly recommend checking out David Weekley’s story to be both challenged and encouraged by the way he allocates both his finances and his time for Kingdom endeavors. Like we said, this week’s list has a little something for everyone, so make sure you watch them all!

We believe these stories have the unique ability to encourage you in your entrepreneurial journey while also challenging you and raising the bar for what is expected of a faith driven entrepreneur. If you know of any video stories we missed, let us know! Otherwise, enjoy this week’s video story countdown.

Videos 81-90
Videos 91-100


[Special thanks to Denise Jans on Unsplash for the cover photo]