Podcast Episode 52 - The Secret Farm League of Faith Driven Entrepreneurs: Jon Hart of Praxis Academy

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On this episode, the team talks to Jon Hart, Partner at Praxis Labs about his work with Praxis Academy, a week-long on ramp into the Praxis community of redemptive entrepreneurs targeting the under 25. For 5 years, this organization has encouraged college-aged entrepreneurs to more actively view their aspirations within the context of their faith, impacting 750 people, from 160 universities and 20 countries. Reminiscent of and deeply influenced by the 18th century Clapham Group of England, Praxis seeks to encourage thought and action around changing culture by producing superior alternatives that are also redemptive in both for and non-profit arenas.

Jon explains to us how Praxis Academy is adding to the sea of vocational “hero stories” that influence our career decisions, or using his term, “vocational imagination” that include a wholistic view of Christianity because it’s just missing. University business programs spin the stories of wild success and wealth as a natural part of its cultural lore but too often the Christian marketplace hero stories have been viewed as less compelling. Jon steps us through how Praxis Academy is righting that view with thought-provoking content that includes mentorship and community. He also shares with us a few of his favorite “hero stories” of academy alum. You don’t want to miss this episode!

Redemptive entrepreneurship is an integral concept to us, here at Faith Driven Entrepreneur. We’d love to hear about your hero stories in this space, so please reach out to us in the comment section below with your favorites. If you or someone you know is interested in attending this year’s Academy, please apply here. The deadline is May 1st .

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