The Heart of an Investor

It’s Monday so that means a video to start the week off!

We continue to highlight The Lion's Den and their work. With their conferences in Dallas and Birmingham, they have been partners in the Faith Driven Entrepreneur movement for more than 5 years.  Think "Shark Tank" meets the Kingdom of God and you have a sense as to what happens at these events.  This is installment #3 of 4 highlighting their work.  In this video, the TLD team asks Do you want to invest in something you’re passionate about and be engaged in things that excite you? Where is the Lord directing you?

Check out this short video about walking out your faith and growing spiritually by helping and teaching others.


If TLD is something that you think you'd be interested in presenting at, or going to, please go to:  — Applications are open until 12/31/18.

[Special thanks to Omer Salom on Unsplash for the cover photo.]