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  • Currently on a year-long road trip in an Airstream around the United States and Canada.

  • What seems like a lifetime ago, lived in Kosovo and Mozambique, traveled extensively in sub-Saharan Africa, and rafted on the Nile and Zambezi rivers.

  • Played basketball at Harvard. (JV ball, but got to wear the uniform!)

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David Park


David is a Partner at Greenwood Hospitality Group, a company he helped found in 2009 that has over 4,400 hotel rooms under ownership and management. Through 2017, David was responsible for Greenwood's business development, underwriting of investment opportunities, and sourcing of debt and equity capital. From 2015 through 2017, David was also president of PRD Inc., his family's real estate development company in Houston. Before Greenwood, David worked for a variety of ventures focused on real estate investing and development, and also spent a number of years in investment banking. 

David has had the privilege of serving on HOPE International's Board of Trustees and is still involved in supporting the work of HOPE. He is a member of the Christian Economic Forum and has enjoyed participating in and contributing to other work and faith communities around the United States. 

David grew up in Houston, attended Harvard University, and later received an MBA from Stanford University.

David has been married to Jean for eleven years and they have three boys. The Parks lived in Los Angeles, then Houston, and are now in an Airstream somewhere in the U.S. Next summer, they are planning to move overseas. 

David used to love basketball, but now loves golf since he can still get better at it. Nothing beats a date night with Jean, but a close second is playing with the boys and meeting up with old friends.