Video Content

While all Marketplace Ministries and Capacity Builders put out video content, there are several great sources that we think are a particularly good resource for the Faith Driven Entrepreneur.

  1. RightNow Media - RightNow Media @ Work is the world’s largest and most trusted library of on-demand biblical video content, created to help business leaders put their faith in action by caring for their team members at work and at home. With more than 20,000 videos on topics like leadership, personal finance, marriage, and parenting, RightNow Media @ Work has something for everyone. And it’s available on all major devices, whenever and wherever it is needed most. Let your faith influence how you lead and improve your business at the same time. Help your team flourish in every area of life with RightNow Media @ Work.

  2. Faith and Co. - The folks from Seattle Pacific University have taken the art of storytelling to the highest level we've seen. Their stories are uniformly excellent. We've linked here to their original 13. We have some hope that they are in the process of adding to that library, and we can't wait.

  3. Praxis Course - We've listed this on the Capacity Builders website, but it's good enough to have twice.