Steve Graves


Dr. Stephen R. Graves, founder of Coaching By Cornerstone and co-founder of the Life@Work Company, has been coaching Senior Leaders, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs for over two decades. He is known for his wisdom, wit and ability to see through the complex to a simple path of progress.

Graves is the co-author of nearly a dozen books on leadership, business and the booming faith/work movement. His last two releases, Life@Work and The Power of One, were co-authored with best selling author Dr. John C. Maxwell. Along with his appetite to create meaningful content, Steve loves to share his life and learnings with others….whether speaking to a stadium of 80,000 men, sitting around in a snow trapped Utah cabin with a handful of CEOs, or standing in a trout stream with a friend talking about life and work.


He lives in Northwest Arkansas with his wife Karen, has three adult children and if he doesn’t return your call quickly there is a good chance he snuck off to the river…again.