Episode 18 - Performance Reviews

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In the week’s episode Henry, Rusty, and William discuss how we can love on our team members through performance reviews.  As entrepreneurs, it’s highly likely that you are overseeing a team.  As Christ followers, how do we display Christ in the performance review?

Show Notes for Episode 18

Episode 17 - Interview with Missy Wallace of Nashville Institute of Faith and Work

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In the week’s episode Henry, Rusty, and William talk with Missy Wallace of Nashville Institue for Faith & Work and she gives her insights into the convergence of faith and work.  She tells us a bit about her own journey, how she developed her theology of faith and work, the founding of NIFW and how she is equipping entrepreneurs today. 

Show Notes for Episode 17

Episode 13 - Equally Yoked in Business

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Whether it is in personal relationships, marriage, or business, being equally yoked with other Christ followers is highly preferable. 

This issue can be very, very important in the life of an entrepreneur, so in this episode Henry, Rusty, and William share their own views and experiences on partnership and doing business with people that don't yet have the same worldview.

Show Notes for Episode 13

Episode 12 - Calling

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In this episode, Henry, Rusty, and William discuss the issue of calling.  Many of us have heard God calling us to a particular purpose.  

Romans 8:28 says “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”  

Show Notes for Episode 12

Episode 11 - Pastors Equipping Entrepreneurs

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A pastor is in a unique position to influence his leaders who are in the marketplace in many different ways, and this week we turn out attention to how a pastor might support entrepreneurship within his congregation.

This week, Henry, and William interview special guest, Pastor Andy Wood of Echo Church, about his journey in ministry and the world of entrepreneurship. 

Show Notes for Episode 11

Episode 10 - Evangelism in the Workplace

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In this episode, Henry, Rusty, and William tackle the question should we even evangelize at work in the first place? When it comes to expressing our faith at the workplace, it’s important to discern and hear God’s voice. Our vertical relationship with God affects the horizontal one with our fellow teammates. Henry also reminds us that we would do well to be mindful of whether we are being willful or faithful.

Show Notes for Episode 10

Episode 9 - How to think about benefits

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In this episode, Henry, Rusty, and William discuss company benefits and the reasons behind them, options and creativity and how to show care for employees. In sum, the suite of benefits that a company provides to its employees should align with the company’s values.  

Show Notes for Episode 9

Episode 8 - Competition...Love 'em, Ignore 'em or Crush 'em

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In this podcast Henry, William, and Rusty tackle the question of how to think about competition.  We know that we want to run the race as if to win it. (1 Corinthians 9:24).  But how do we win?  What is our heart posture?  Do we win at all costs? What are our motives as we compete in the race?

Show Notes for Episode 8

Episode 7 - Entertaining and Boundaries

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Entertainment is something that most entrepreneurs will be a part of, whether that is recruiting team members, hosting corporate events, trying to raise money or creating unique opportunities for your team to bond.

In this episode, we talk about how we think about entertaining while maintaining a sincere heart towards holiness.

Show Notes for Episode 7

Episode 6 - The Importance of Language

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In this episode of the Faith Driven Entrepreneur Podcast,  Henry, William and Rusty tackle the issue of language.  At one level, they aren't going to tell you anything that will surprise you....cursing is a bad thing and it's not helpful in the workplace, or anywhere else for that matter.  The book of James hits this issue squarely, and so do dozens of other references.  Yet there's some nuance here that we think is worth exploring as the effective use of language and even emotion are so incredibly important for us as leaders in the workplace. 

Show Notes for Episode 6

Episode 5 - Spirituality of Fundraising

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Fundraising. It’s something that we as entrepreneurs all have to tackle at some point. In this week’s FDE podcast episode, we examine the different issues that are associated with fundraising. You'll hear Henry note at the outset that this particular episode is a bit more weighted for the social entrepreneur or ministry entrepreneur....but I hope you'll agree that the mindset on fundraising is very relevant for entrepreneurs of all types. J. Paul Fridenmaker from Generosity Path joins us for this discussion.

Show Notes for Episode 5

Episode 3 - Projections

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In this episode we’ll talk about projections.  At first listen, this seems to be a little more relevant for companies that are after venture financing as we talk about the three year projections and the modeling that entrepreneurs show to venture capitalists etc., but I hope that you’ll find a lot more here than advice in working with a VC.

William, Rusty and I talk about plain old business planning, and the modelling we talk about doesn’t need to have a thing to do with raising money.  It talks about the common mistakes made by business owners in planning for growth and how to avoid them.

Show Notes for Episode 3

Episode 1 - Origin of Faith Driven Entrepreneur Podcast

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In the first podcast, Rusty, Henry and I tell you a bit about why we started this podcast and what you can expect on the coming episodes.  Included are the heart behind the project and a fantastic discussion of which colleges we are faithful too.

Show Notes for Episode 1