Episode 64 - God of the Second Shift with Jeff Haanen from the Denver Institute for Faith and Work

Join William and Henry in the Mile-High city as they talk to Jeff Haanen from the Denver Institute for Faith and Work. His article, God of the Second Shift, made waves in the faith and work world, and we’re excited to have him on our podcast today to talk more about how we can move this conversation around theology and business from the corner office to the manufacturing floor. Tune in to hear what Jeff has to share about what a theology of work means for those in the working class.

As you’ll hear, Jeff asks and answers the same questions he posed in his article for Christianity Today. Have we been blind to the “daily humiliations” of those whose work we depend on each day? Have we been interpreting Scripture through our own professional class bias and failed to ask how working-class Americans think and feel about their work? The honest answers to these questions may provide the exact conviction we need.

Listen to hear what a whole new side of the conversation around faith and work might sound like.

Useful Links:

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Articles/Books Mentioned in This Episode:

God of the Second Shift - Christianity Today

Working by Studs Terkel

Our Kids by Robert Putnam

An Uncommon Guide to Retirement by Jeff Haanen

The Pinkerton Papers