Episode 63 - Finding Peace on the Other Side of Obedience: Around the Table with Henry, William, and Rusty

Every once in a while we like to take a break from interviewing guests to give our hosts a chance to riff on what God is doing in their lives and what they’re learning through the process. In this episode, you’ll hear about William’s upcoming move to Atlanta, Henry’s journey to India, and some wisdom Rusty has recently picked up from a book he’s reading. Pull up a chair and join our hosts around the table to enjoy a chat about life, God, and entrepreneurship.

In the first section of this episode, William shares about how he has been prayerfully considering a move for a long time, but he has never felt the “peace” that so many Christians seem to talk about. Well, now that he’s decided to make the leap and move all across the country, hear what he has to say about this whole idea of finding peace before you go where God has called you.

Next, Henry shares about a trip he recently took to India where he got to teach students at a school about the lessons of entrepreneurship and why creating—specifically in a culture that views business as a dishonorable career—is one of the ways we can honor or Creator God. Henry’s trip is a living testament to what God is doing through Faith Driven Entrepreneurs worldwide, and we’re excited to share this with you.

And finally, Rusty speaks into the idea of what it would look like to work with our hands and live a quiet life—inspired by 1 Thessalonians 4. Although it may not sound like the typical entrepreneurial dream, there may be something to it. He also closes our conversation by sharing what he’s learning from Thirst by Scott Harrison.

This podcast may feel a bit different from our usual show, but we hope it provides a chance for you to relax with our show hosts during this holiday week!