Episode 62 - When did Corporations Grow a Conscience? with Lake Lambert, President of Hanover College

It’s common to think of corporate values as a concept that has always been around, but Lake Lambert, President of Hanover College in Indiana, is here to educate us and show that this isn’t actually the case. Lake is the author of Spirituality, Inc—a book that examines the history of religion in the American workplace—and he joins Henry, William, and Rusty to share what he’s learned about workplace spirituality from the past and what we might expect for the future.

In this episode, you’ll hear from a professional academic. Lake Lambert is clearly an expert on the subject of corporate spirituality and the different forms it has taken over the years. In this episode, you’ll hear him talk about the influence of religion on work, the value of meaning making and creativity in the workplace, chaplaincy, and the theological movements that have shaped the history of the faith and work conversation.

As always, we’re looking for the voices that speak to faith driven entrepreneurs—people who intertwine their faith and work in a way that unmistakably reflects the God who made them—and we’re so grateful that Lake joined the show to contribute to this conversation. We hope this episode encourages you on your entrepreneurial journey!

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