Episode 79 - The Science of Radical Giftology with John Ruhlin

Everyone has a story about receiving a gift they had no interest in, but do any of us know if we’ve ever given a gift that someone else didn’t want? This is exactly the situation John Ruhlin wants to help you avoid. John is the author of Giftology, a book that teaches the science of “radical generosity.” He has helped countless companies boost their referrals, retention rates, and ROI, and our interview with him was a gift in and of itself!

John has helped people accelerate relationships with their teams and the people they serve, and he has gifted on behalf of everyone from Forbes Magazine to Fortune 500. His principles lead to appreciative responses and oftentimes a relational and ROI impact that is well beyond what any of us could have imagined. 

Having been the recipients of John’s gift-giving in the past, our hosts were excited to talk to him, and we think you’ll enjoy all he had to share as well!

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