Episode 36 - Living in a material world: Mailbag questions answered

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In this week’s podcast, the team answers a few of your questions around profit making and taking as well as consumerism. One Bay Area listener shares his struggles with being in what he believes is a money-driven industry. The team challenges us all to think about how we can redeem the industries we’re in by making figuring out the best way to serve it our number one goal. William believes that almost all industries are redeemable, Henry encourages us in the ways we can show love for the people in these industries for the purposes of transformation and Rusty reminds us of our true identity as a guide to ensure optimal motives while bringing in those returns. One of our listeners in Nairobi, Kenya asks the team for a biblical viewpoint on consumerism in response to the rise of the global middle class and the team takes us back again to a discussion of heart motive by realigning a few marketing and product design concepts back to the kingdom. And no good podcast on entrepreneurism would ever leave out a few quotes from “Wall Street”.

 As we do our mad dashes this Christmas season to show love for the people in our lives, let’s stop and take note of our heart motives in the doing and giving. Tell us how and what you want to partner with our Father God in redeeming this Christmas season in the comment section below.

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash