Episode 34: How We Abuse Our Money and Time

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This week we get into part two of the Lightning Round episode, fielding your questions.  Henry, Rusty, and William tackle two really important questions for the faith driven entrepreneur: how we handle our resource of money and time. Neither may come up on our radar readily given the entrepreneur’s everyday grind and hustle.  Henry shared that it’s important that we identify firstly why we give, and also pray over where and how. Rusty recognized that some entrepreneurs have other ways of giving and gets us thinking about planning for giving.

The team moves on to tackle the issue of traveling for work and how to balance personal time with traveling, as well as the potential for excessive or unnecessary travel to become an idol for too many entrepreneurs.  Some may even see it as a badge of honor. What is model behavior for leaders to communicate a healthy view of travel to their subordinates?  Rusty says we should be judicious about our time and William reminds us all that with so much technology we can think about using other tools to achieve the same business goals. 

Tell us in the comment section below about your most rewarding generosity experience.  Drop a line also on how you’ve maintained healthy boundaries on work travel. And one final note: spicy chicken sandwich. That's all we're going to say about that...

Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash