Episode 27 - Responsibility of Calling: Interview with Jason Johnson (CEO of August Smart Homes)

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Jason Johnson, serial entrepreneur and founder of August Smart Homes, talks to Rusty and William about when the entrepreneurial itch first hit him while working at a large tech company. From humble beginnings, Jason explains how receiving a scholarship to Pepperdine University introduced him to the responsibility of calling and that entrepreneurship was a natural expression of that calling. He goes on to tackle tough questions around how to live a faith driven life while heading up a VC-backed company where culture and purpose to often clash. He shares on the ways he maintains his commitment to instilling culture in his company that is reflective of his faith.

The team asks Jason to address the question of money, something on every entrepreneur’s mind (and naturally so). He responds with some very practical advice on how to begin living a generous life because that too, is part of an entrepreneur’s call. The team ends this week’s discussion with wisdom on how to stay grounded and focused on the things to which God is calling you.

As always, you have our permission to thoroughly enjoy this episode. Please send us your thoughts, especially those around how you deal with the culture clash of the kingdom within versus the world without. Until next week!