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Fun Facts / Links: 

  • As a high school senior I was forced to choose between computer science and being a rock star. I tried both. And failed. 

  • I’m a pretty good skier and mountain biker, but a terrible golfer and fly-fisher.

  • I’ve been to the USSR and actually played drums there. 

  • I started my first business because I couldn’t find a job. 

  • Web: www.MikeLoomis.CO  

  • Books: http://mikeloomis.co/buy/

Featured articles in Success and Entrepreneur Magazine

I offer Summer and Winter Strategy Sessions in the Colorado Mountains:

  • Fresh mountain air and elevated thinking

  • World-class fishing, hiking, biking… or sitting around and eating!

  • World-class skiing, riding, snowshoeing… and eating!

  • Launching your dreams into action.

Mike Loomis


Mike Loomis helps people launch their dream projects and books. Since starting and selling two businesses, he’s a strategic partner to entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, non-profits, publishers as well as startups, and aspiring messengers. Mike is the author of Your Brand Is Calling - Build a Personal Brand to Reflect and Connect. He and his wife live in the mountains of Colorado with their pet moose.

I wear many hats. (Not only because I live in the Rocky Mountains)

I’m a strategic partner to businesses, bestselling authors, global nonprofits, & publishers. I also love coaching start-ups and aspiring messengers.

I’m a brand manager and marketing creative.

I’m a book developer, editor, ghostwriter, & literary agent.

I help turn ideas into reality and find a strategy for monetization. 

I’ve started and sold two businesses. But when I started helping others launch their ideas, things really started to click.

I help people who want to help people. We work together to articulate with excellence and reach as many people as possible.

My successes, and failures, help me serve clients who want to see their dream come to life.


My solar-powered wife and I live in Winter Park, Colorado – which is an amazing place to plan your strategy!