Many of our contributors participate in a community of more than 150 entrepreneurially minded Christ followers that get together monthly in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We call it Inklings in homage to the original Inklings (C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Owen Barfield and others) who got together for fellowship and to sharpen each other's lives and work.  We've been parts of other Inklings groups in North Carolina, Jakarta and Singapore.

There is something very powerful about getting together in community and encouraging each other in the pursuit of faith, family and vocation.  There is also something remarkably special about being able to share your entrepreneurial journey and all that it entails (how do I hire?  where should I get funding? how do I balance this crazy season I'm in with family responsibilities, etc.) with others that are, or have gone through similar things.  Our hope is that you'll seek out similar groups in your home city. 

Maybe you're even called to start one?  In addition to the Inklings format, which we're happy to share with you, maybe even grab some people from your church to go through the Praxis Course - it provides a great theological context for what it looks like to be a redemptive entrepreneur.  We've also heard great things about the Surge Network.  If you happen to live in Nashville, check out this Entrepreneur Support Group.  Also, FaithTech now has communities in 3 cities in Canada and two in the States (Chicago and the Bay Area).  Lastly, The New Canaan Society has chapters with local, open to the public, meetups in more than 50 cities, for a complete list check out this map.

Want more information?  Know of a great gathering in your community? Know of other formats/curricula that you think are helpful to convene and encourage faith driven entrepreneurs?

Let us know, we'd love to help and we'd also love to be able to help others in your market learn about what is going on.

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