John Marsh


John Marsh is the host of the Redemptification Podcast, Founder of Marsh Collective, serial entrepreneur and investor with a love for building things that are beautiful and meaningful. John is a self-proclaimed “hybrid”. Part visionary, part artist, and part businessman who is somewhat of a liaison between the world's business and artistic beauty.

John also speaks globally on the alignment between entrepreneurship, community, mentorship, and influence. John has spoken for great organizations such as ChickFila, Keller Williams, Auburn University, and many other places that sound cool but don’t impress his family all that much.

Over the last 25 years, John has been involved in over 30 startup businesses in various industries, such as the Construction, Real Estate Investing, Advertising and also multiple Restaurants. John and his wife have renovated 90+ residential and 60+ commercial building within 10 blocks of downtown Opelika. In the last few years, John has guided the development and marketing of multiple restaurant startups that have transformed Opelika’s downtown. #DowntownOpelika

When not building ventures, public speaking, corporate & community consulting or collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs, he can be found in and around Downtown Opelika.