James Kelly


James Kelly, the Founder and Director of FaithTech, is an entrepreneur turned pastor turned story-teller. With a unique background in business (co-founded a faith-based media company at 19 years of age, BComm and 7 years experience in professional recruitment) and church (MDiv and helped plant a church in 2012), he’s positioned to creatively bridge the gap between faith and tech. FaithTech, a growing movement pioneering new ways to advance the gospel in a new era driven by technology, started with an idea in late 2015 and has turned into a global ministry, with operations across North America in Silicon Valley, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, and Waterloo.  www.faithtech.com


James is married with two kids. His second, Anna, was born 3 months early weighing 2 pounds. It changed everything. Since, God has had James and his wife Karen on an incredible journey in and out of hospitals watching God's miraculous hand at work in saving their baby girl. Their eldest is named Judah.

They live in Waterloo, Canada. James likes bacon, playing hockey and saying "eh" ;)