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Fun Facts / Links: 

  • Education -
    • B.A. Wheaton College,
    • M.A. The University ofChicago,
    • Ph.D. Claremont Graduate University, , plus a vital post-doctoral program in religion and politics at Rutgers University.  Among his distinguished professors were Arthur F. Holmes, Earle E. Cairns, Daniel J. Boorstin, William T. Hutchinson, William H. McNeill, Charles S. Campbell, and Wilson C. McWilliams.
  • Current Interest: Studying Jordan B. Peterson and his influence.  Praying for and cheering on family and friends.


  • For Recreation:  Backpacking, rock climbing, and mountaineering in the California Sierra Nevada, Tahquitz Rock, Joshua Tree, the Wyoming Tetons and the Wind River Range, the Adirondacks of New York, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and currently walking in Park City, Utah, my home.

Hubert Morken


Hubert Morken is a retired university professor best known for his founding of the Religion and Politics Section of the American Political Science Association (APSA) and for his teaching, research, and publications.  In the APSA, The Hubert Morken Best Book Award is given every two years for the “best book” published anywhere dealing with religion and politics.  

Note:  Morken had no role in the naming of this award which came as a complete surprise to him after he retired.  Many deserve it.  Special help from Aaron Wildavsky, Daniel Elazar, Charles Dunn, Daniel Dreisbach, Robert Booth Fowler, Jo Renee Formicola, and William Bentley Ball, to name a few colleagues.


Professor, Azusa Pacific University, Houghton College, Oral Roberts University, Regent University.  Retired 2001.

Book Publications: 

  • Pat Robertson: Where He Stands, Fleming H. Revel, 1988.
  • Everson Revisited: Religion, Education, and Law at the Crossroads (editor and contributor with Prof. Jo Formicola), Rowman & Littlefield, 1997. 
  • The Politics of School Choice, (co-authored with Prof. Jo Formicola), Rowman & Littlefield, 1999.
  • Religious Leaders & Faith-based Politics (editor and contributor with Prof. Jo Formicola), Rowman & Littlefield, 2001.
  • Additional articles, papers, conferences, and public lectures. 


Former school board member and board Chair, Park City Academy,  Park City, Utah.


Students, largely in university settings and in our home.

Attended Church in a variety of settings, inner-city, urban, suburban, and small-town.


Born in California, 1943.  Primary and secondary education in Shanghai, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong — 10 years in Asia — the son of Christian missionary evangelist the Rev. David Morken and Helen (Mitchell) Morken.

Married to Mary (Spradley) Morken, four children, fifteen grandchildren, and four great grandchildren.