Talking to College Students about Faith Driven Entrepreneurship

I love talking to college students about faith driven entrepreneurship. I had the great honor of speaking to 350 Christian Business school faculty about the topic a few weeks ago at the CBFA Conference, and then was invited by another prof to address his business school class at Asbury College……it’s that talk that is the subject of this VLOG. While I’m on the topic, if you are a college student (or a parent of one) and you’re interested in learning more about faith driven entrepreneurship, I highly recommend that you check out Praxis Academy.

It’s a Dry Heat

As you might recall, David (my partner at Bandwidth) told me that I’m one of the worst writers ever…..I’m not sure that I completely agree, but he’s at least directionally right. As you know I continue to write a bit, but he’s been blessed….and so have you, by the number of excellent guest bloggers over the last few months. From time to time I’ll still weigh in here (and of course I love to share with you on the podcast), with a blog……or, as David has encouraged me to do as a replacement: a VLOG….here goes :)

Behind the Scenes of the FDE Podcast at Duarte Design

Here's a quick 2 minute video on the making of the FDE podcast....though this is one without Rusty.   The VLOG concept is, in part, a reaction to David Morken's insistence that I'm actually not a great writer, and that I write, like I speak (he's probably right).   So, we here at FDE are grateful for the many guest blogs each week, from GREAT writers, on all topics regarding faith driven entrepreneurship. AND we're also grateful for the podcast, my co-hosts, and for great guests like Nancy Duarte featured in this VLOG.  Stay tuned for the release of the episode with her interview, and let us know what you think.  Got some candidates for great guest blogs, thoughts on resources we should include?  Questions for the podcast?  Please let us know!

Love your Neighbor on Vacation - a VLOG

My best friend and business partner at Bandwidth, David Morken, was an editor for the ORU Student Newspaper.  He's a great writer, and an even better editor....and an even better friend, who can tell me like it is.  He thinks I'm a lousy writer.  He thinks that I write like I speak.  He's right.  I think :).  So here's my first attempt at doing what he has suggested.  Let me know what you think and if he's right :)