Helpful Apps

It's amazing how much we are able to be in God's presence through technology.  Below are a few of the apps we at Faith Driven Entrepreneur use to help us access Him.

Abide - Abide is the #1 Christian meditation app to bring more peace and less stress into your daily life. Transform your mind by listening to beautiful guided meditations. Join the millions of people meditating with Abide- including Grammy award winning singers, church leaders, and Christian therapists.  Abide is easy to use. Come in, press play, and feel renewed by God’s spirit. All meditations are based off Biblical scriptures. 

First15 - We all have a need to know our Creator. We all have a longing to be fully known and fully loved by an all-knowing, all-loving God. First15, a resource of Denison Ministries, is a daily devotional written by Craig Denison out of the belief that 15 minutes with God can change your life. First15 has a new daily devotional podcast as well!

Read Scripture - The goal of Read Scripture is that everyone would read the Bible for themselves and discover the truth and beauty of God’s Word. To this end, we are curating a year-long Bible reading plan and supplementing the reading with amazingly creative videos (produced by our friends at the Bible Project) that explain every book of the Bible, major theological themes of the gospel, and tips on how to read the Bible.  The videos in Read Scripture *(which are remarkable) are brought to you by The Bible Project, which is itself and incredible resource for going deeper with the word of God.

YouVersion - On more than 250 million devices around the world, people are reading, listening to, watching, and sharing the Bible using the #1 rated Bible App—completely free. Over 1,000 Bible versions, in hundreds of languages. Hundreds of Reading Plans, in over 40 languages. Add your own Verse Images, highlights, bookmarks, and public or private notes.

  • Theology of Work Reading Plans on YouVersion

    • How to Make the Right Decision (YouVersion reading plan) — We often face ethical dilemmas in our work. How can we use the Bible to make the right decisions? Each day of this plan provides a real-life case study on a tough decision, plus biblical decision-making principles that you can take to work.

    • Working Through Failure (YouVersion reading plan) — How can you face failure with a Biblical perspective and move forward when you've made mistakes? This five-day reading plan will guide you through lessons about failure from Philippians, Matthew, Ecclesiastes, and Jonah.

    • Anxiety About Money (YouVersion reading plan) —Each day of this Bible reading plan offers concrete steps from the Bible that lessen the grip of financial anxiety.

    • Ambition and Your Work  (YouVersion reading plan) — For some Christians, the word “ambition” has negative connotations. And yet, we are called to be people who “run in such a way as to get the prize” and “press on toward the goal to win the prize.” (Philippians 3:14)—That sounds pretty ambitious. But toward what end? This 6-day plan will lead you towards a biblical view of ambition for the workplace.