Danny Kim


Danny is the founder and CTO of FullArmor Corp. and is responsible for the company’s strategic technology direction and architecture. Danny founded the company in 1987 with college roommates from Cornell who had all become Christians and wanted to see if a company run solely on Christian principles can succeed.

To date, FullArmor counts more than 30 of the Fortune 50 amongst its customers including Walmart, Boeing, and Bank of America and have done OEM and asset sales to large enterprise vendors such as Microsoft, NetIQ, Citrix, Dell, and others. Danny also holds positions as VP/Director of Valley Christian Schools Math Science and Engineering, and Chief Technology Officer of Quest Institute where he utilizes his industry skills to provide innovative opportunities for students to fly experiments to the International Space Station and navigate to deepest unknown oceans.


Married to Hannah Kim and father of two boys 13 and 15 years old. Elder at Silicon Valley SDA church and passionate about education and inspiring the next generation of youth.