Continued learning

Below are some of our favorite resources to continue digging into how faith, work and entrepeurship come together to forge God's Kingdom.

DePree Center - The De Pree Center exists to serve marketplace leaders so they might live intentionally and wisely as disciples of Jesus in every part of life, including their daily work. We do this by providing biblically based, practical resources for marketplace leaders and churches who serve them.

Faith & Co. - Out of Seattle Pacific University, Faith & Co. Business on Purpose is an educational and formational experience that will deepen connections between your faith and work. It offers education through an open online course, a group study guide, and short business documentaries.

Praxis Course - A video & discussion series on redemptive entrepreneurship for founders, innovators, and creators.

purposed worKING Blog - Ask Yourself, “What would be the most meaningful, long-lasting and important things you could do with the 40 (or more) hours of the week spent in the office, working?” How do we make our work also our “Kingdom Work”? God, has put us all here for a life purpose, our work included. Ours is the challenge and the opportunity to match ourselves to His purpose in our work. If we do so, expect a more fulfilled and aligned life. This blog (started October 1, 2008) is published Monday-Friday (except for U.S. Holidays) and is written for YOU as an added resource to assist in bringing God’s glory to the work you, and we all, do!

Repurposing Business - Founder Brett Johnson, previously businessperson (Chartered Accountant with Price Waterhouse), a Pastor (leading a local church) and a consultant to missions (Youth with a Mission, or YWAM) has written around 12 books in connection to his organization’s tagline is Repurposing Business-Transforming Society®.

Salt&Light - Salt&Light was born as a platform to facilitate marketplace unity in Singapore and the region. And to root it in the principles, posture and perspectives of a God who set human beings to fruitful work as one of His first acts of Creation.

Surge Network - Surge Network is a movement of local churches putting Jesus on display as we equip servant-leaders to be rooted in the gospel story, sent to bless the world.

Theology of Work - The vision of the Theology of Work Project is that every Christian be equipped and committed for work as God intends. A Christian approach makes work more meaningful and productive, benefits society and the people we work with and for, gets us through the challenges we face on the job, draws people to Jesus, and brings glory to God.  The Theology of Work Project (TOW) is the deepest, largest, and most trusted source of biblical, theological, and pastoral material related to work.

The following 3 resources come out of the work done by our friend Wade Myers. Wade is an investor (Eagle Ventures and Boldmore) and has long impressed us with his faithfulness in the same direction in helping faith driven entrepreneurs grow and run excellent businesses for God's glory. He recommends: 

Opportunity IQ  - business plan / idea evaluation tool that scores a plan or idea using 50 strategic principles of success

Startup Financial Model - startup business planning tool that has been used by entrepreneurs in 90+ countries

Venture Academy - faith-based video course with Harvard Business School cases 190+ videos broken up into mini-courses