Brandon Napoli


In 2006, inspired by Muhammad Yunus’ Nobel Peace Prize for his work in microfinance, Brandon started his career to build dignity and create jobs through access to capital for under-served entrepreneurs.  After receiving his MBA from SDSU, Brandon joined the Peace Corps in Guatemala. He assisted the small business development efforts in ecotourism, focusing on providing an alternative income to subsistence farming.  

After returning to the States, Brandon supported entrepreneurs at higher levels. As the Director of Micro-lending at Valley Economic Development Center he grew the portfolio to top 5 in the US and testified to Congress on the State of Micro Lending.  Afterwards, Brandon raised and managed an investment fund for micro-lenders across the US.

At the end of 2016, he responded to a passion to intersect faith and entrepreneurship and relocated to Palo Alto with a vision to re-imagine local churches as faith-based co-working spaces.  


Brandon is passionate about practical theology, humanity, and bike touring.  He enjoys reading non-fiction, epics like Beyond Fear, Papillon, Endurance, etc. Currently, Brandon is gearing up for a multi-week bike tour through Cuba.