Podcast Episode 21 - How Faith and Work Come Together in Life: Part 2 with Vic Ho (Co-founder and CEO of Fivestars)


by Johnny Shiu

In part two with Vic Ho of Fivestars, Vic expands his thinking with regards to how faith and work come together in his life.

We discuss Vic's observance of the Sabbath and how it transformed his personal and professional life.  How he changed from a constant worrier to a man of peace that knows God has Fivestars' destiny in His hands - the successes and the failures. 

Then, stay tuned as Vic describes how he thinks Gideon is the best biblical story concerning customer acquisition (worth the price of admission alone here!). 

Vic's personal journey reminds us that God’s yoke is easy and his burden is light.  Additionally, he needs nothing from us but surrender of all things, including our work!

Join us to hear the rest of Vic's story, I am highly confident you will be challenged and encouraged.