Pete Ochs....One of my Heroes

Last week, I talked a bit about who our heroes might be, and how that might be contrarian to the way that the rest of society saw things.  Success in faith and success in business don’t always go hand in hand, and we need to make sure that those we seek to emulate are those who know God first and success in business second.

There are, of course, many folks that hit that role together and I can’t think of a better example of Pete Ochs.

Who are our Heroes?

Who are our Heroes?

In my experience we often look in life to the wrong type of hero.  As we get older, we know enough to know that the rock star or the comedian or the basketball MVP isn’t the type of hero that we should be modelling our life after (though sometimes they are….ok I’m a Warriors fan and love the influence that Steph Curry has on my boys), but too often times I think we find ourselves lifting up the wrong type of hero in the faith and business world.