OCEAN Accelerator is open for applications!

We love the team at OCEAN and their commitment to come alongside Faith Driven Entrepreneurs. They recently reached out and asked us to share that their application window for OCEAN Accelerator is open and will accept applications until October 30, 2019. The application is available here.

This will be OCEAN's sixth cohort and has capacity for up to 10 early stage, venture backable start-ups. OCEAN has been trusted by 42 early stage start-ups over the past five years. Over 60% have successfully raised subsequent rounds and continue to operate. They aspire to improve that outcome with our sixth cohort. Please share with anyone you are mentoring, coaching or believe would benefit from an accelerator experience. OCEAN has a pretty unique mission which, along with dates of the program, terms of the $50,000 investment and history of prior companies is available on their site.


[Photo credit to Praxis Labs]