The Top 25 Conferences and Spotlight on Ocean Conference

Events often times are catalytic experiences on our journey. They propel us into new relationships, new ideas and new ventures. This fall there are several great events that are happening. We put together a Top 25 Events for Faith Driven Entrepreneurs that we'd encourage you to check out.

We also wanted to call attention to our friends at Ocean! Its one of the largest gatherings open to all Faith Driven Entrepreneurs, and a few months ago, Scott Weiss shared a little bit about the conference and their accelerator.

The event, is a two-day experience at Crossroads Church in Cincinnati, October 10-11th that will help you explore how to be a leader of purpose and passion. It’s a collection of entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives, and more to gain insight, wisdom, and practical tools to equip you along your journey.

Their theme this year is "Threshold". These are moments are full of tension and possibility. God designed thresholds to transform and prepare you for the next leg of the journey. Let's step through together. Speakers include Liz Bohannon, one of our recent podcast guests along with leaders like ...

  • Scott Beck - Scaling with Virtuez

  • Propaganda - Tension at the Creative Threshold

  • Todd Henry - The Threshold of Your Brilliant Work

  • Rebekah Lyons - Rhythms of Renewal

  • Josh Garrels - Counter Cultural to the Industry

  • Francis Tao - Why I sold my Startup to MailChimp

  • Brian Tome - The aggressive Life for Entrepreneurs

Learn more and watch their video trailer at


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