Practicing the King's Economy

This content was originally published here by The Chalmers Center, which aims to equip churches to walk alongside people who are poor, breaking the spiritual, social, and material bonds of poverty.

Live like a citizen of God's Kingdom—here and now.

Does this sound like you? You go to church and attend a small group. You read the Bible and pray. You try to help your neighbors and serve others. You’re living the good life. But it feels like something’s missing.

Jesus invites us to something greater—life as citizens in God’s Kingdom! Through Practicing the King’s Economy, you’ll discover new ways to live out the Kingdom in your daily life at home, work, and church.

Practicing the King's Economy invites us into the biblical story of the "King Jesus Economy." This book explores six key biblical themes and shares practical insights into ways to you can embody God's love and provision for the world.

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