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This content was originally published here by LeTourneau University’s Center for Faith and Work.
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Does aircraft maintenance have anything to do with God's work?

Paul and Betty Abbott and their sons Luke and Aaron believe so. The Abbotts took over operations of Covington Aircraft shortly after Paul's graduation from LeTourneau University, know that they were just stewards of a company that belonged to God. "We hold every decision we make, concerning any aspect of the company, up to the light of God's word. We do this because we, as believers in Christ, are responsible for everything put into our hands by our Savior Jesus Christ. We try honestly to fulfill the goals of our heavenly Father through submitting ourselves, and all we have, to Him on a daily basis." That commitment is demonstrated in four core values: integrity, dependability, affordability, and quality service.

Listen here as the CEO of PING shares about the industry & their work to honor God.

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