We Couldn't Wait! The Top 20 Videos for Faith Driven Entrepreneurs are Here!

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We couldn’t wait! Even though this week was supposed to be the release of videos 11-20, we went ahead and released the Top 20—binge away!

If you need some ideas for where to start, here’s what you can find in videos 11-20:

In A Long Obedience, Gary and Joanna Ginter tackle the question of how to define success. Their answer may surprise you, but as you hear their story and what they did to maintain a steady lifestyle even amidst great financial returns, you’ll see what life can look like when we define success on God’s terms.

Another favorite of ours is the story of Cheryl Bachelder. When she took the helm at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, sales and profits were declining and shareholders and franchisees were unhappy. Today, sales are up, profits are up, and Popeyes stock has leaped from $13 on Cheryl's first day on the job to consistently over $50 per share today. So what's the secret ingredient to Popeyes turnaround? Find out how Cheryl's unique strategy of servant leadership proved to be a recipe for success in Popeyes Serves Up a Turnaround.

It’s impossible for us not to recommend Jack of All Trades—the story of Jackie McLarry of Interstate Batteries—along with Building Boats for the Glory of God from the makers of Nautique Boats. Even then, we’d still encourage you to check out the other videos on this list. 

But when it comes to the Top 10, it was impossible for us to narrow it down to just a few we’d recommend. Here’s what you can expect from each video…

Coming it at #10, Driving Trust features the story of Flow Automotive. They do business differently, and as you’ll see in the video, the framework for operation comes from a simple theological principle: treat your customer as your neighbor.

Just after that Bryan Ambelang of NatureSweet shares how he saw how the absence of sustainable income fractured families in Mexico and was inspired to create real opportunities for entire communities to become whole again. Unleash the Power of People tells the story of NatureSweet. You won’t want to miss this one.

Jailhouse Business of Generosity tells the incredible story of Pete Ochs of Capital III. To inmates, seeing someone who had a genuine desire for them to succeed changed everything. According to Pete, this attitude stems from what he believes Christ has done for us. Watch his story to hear how his entrepreneurial journey took him to jail, but for all the right reasons.

At #7, you’ll find a story that is near and dear to our hearts (and our stomachs). Anne Beiler shares the incredibly powerful and vulnerable story of Auntie Anne’s, the ups and downs in her personal journey, and what she does with the success she has found. Auntie Anne’s Story is a testament to what God can do through trials and tragedy and the story of how a company of excellence came from circumstances of difficulty.

Another story of triumph over tragedy takes up the #6 spot on the list. On the verge of suicide, John Marsh cried out to a God he didn’t know, only to find out He had been there all along. Watch Beauty out of Brokenness to find out how God used their story to provide hope to broken people and how that led to the creation of several different companies—all committed to helping people restore cities by creating community in the truest sense.

Finally, kicking off our top five is Chi-Ming Chien of Dayspring. Their video, Dayspring Monastery 2.0, shows what would happen if you turned a monastery into a tech business. Chien spent two days a week walking around Bayview—the part of the city that tourist maps would intentionally exclude—looking for places of welcome, places where people had found peace. This led him to really ask himself, “What does it mean to be a good neighbor?” The result is a company that focuses on embodying and bearing witness to God’s redeeming of the workplace, marketplace, and community.

At #4 is one our podcast guests Ben and Liz Bohannon. Every Sseko Has a Story tells the adventures of Liz and her husband Ben and how a move to Uganda gave Liz the opportunity to help impoverished women by making and selling sandals. But can sandals alone actually change lives? Watch as Liz shares how selling sandals has not only solved a poverty problem in Uganda but also provided a way for women to see themselves as bearers of God's own image.

As we enter into the top three, we start with a video from our good friend Dave Monson of Saddleback Leather Company. What starts as a story of how Dave plans to build and design his own casket quickly turns into a quirky and inspiring tale of the Monson family, the value of making an excellent product, and how business functions as a mission all on its own. Watch Not Dead Yet to see their story unfold.

If you haven’t already listened to our podcast episode with Steve Green, it’s certainly worth your time. We really value the wisdom and insight he brought to the show, and the video story of Hobby Lobby does the same. When you watch The Hobby Lobby Decision, you’ll find out exactly how the same Biblically-based family values of caring for others that made the company so successful also propelled them through a daunting personal and professional trial. 

And finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, topping our list of best video stories for faith driven entrepreneurs is God Loves Cabinets. The story of Steve Bell and Bellmont Cabinets starts with an FBI investigation revealing that Steve and his company had been victimized by an organized drug ring. From there, he worked tirelessly to pay back all the money he and others had lost. But the roller coaster ride didn’t stop there. Watch Steve’s story to get a glimpse of the entrepreneurial journey, the highs and lows that come with new ventures, and the type of faith that can carry someone through it all.

We hope you’ve found this list as enjoyable, encouraging, challenging, and inspiring as we did. If anything, maybe it felt like you aren’t completely alone in whatever stage of the entrepreneurial journey you’re currently facing. It’s helpful to know that others have been there, and we hope this video list provided you with the comfort, encouragement, and maybe even bolt of inspiration you needed.

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