Our 'Top 100 Video Stories' continues ... Videos 31-40

Top 100 Video Stories

Videos 31-40

This week on our countdown of the Top 100 Video Stores for Faith Driven Entrepreneurs, there are too many good videos to just recommend a few. Here’s our best attempt at narrowing it down to a handful must-sees, but make sure you check out the rest!

Bryan Engram of Brazen Animation shares the story of how God inspired him to start an animation studio where the one goal is to tell inspirational stories with meaning and purpose. If videos that focus on the creative aspect of entrepreneurship have interested you, then you’ll love this one along with Harrison Higgins’ video about making furniture to last over a hundred years.

We have two excellent videos on home building. One is from Betenbough Homes and the other is from Stoltsfuz Enterprises. Although they’re in the same industry, both of these videos provide a unique insight into what it’s like to let your faith drive your work.

Nathan Sheets of Nature Nates is also one of the featured videos and a soon-to-be podcast guest. Be on the lookout for his episode and check out his story in the meantime.

Again, every video on this list is worth watching, but we hope that this gives you a place to start. Stay on the lookout for the next ten in our countdown coming soon!

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[Special thanks to Ajeet Mestry on Unsplash for the cover photo]