We've cracked the Top 50 in our Video Stories!

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As we continue our countdown of the Top 100 Video Stories for Faith Driven Entrepreneurs, we’re finally into the top 50. From this point on, it’s hard for us to recommend just a few. Every video truly stands out for its own unique reasons, but we’ll still try to highlight a few.

We’ve already featured a few videos from The Lion’s Den, but Tom Sudyk was the second recipient of their Operator of the Year Award, and his journey is worth seeing for yourself. His life is an example for every presenter, founder, and entrepreneur who seeks to demonstrate the profession in Christ through their professionalism in the marketplace.

This week’s countdown also features a pair of food-inspired entrepreneurs. We definitely do not recommend watching the stories of Mark Canlis and Margo Engberg on an empty stomach…

In addition to those, C12 brought us two great video stories—Gary Archer of Let’s Play Sports and Lara Casey of Cultivate What Matters. Both of these stories are unique in both the people they cover and the business sector they address. Plus, Lara Casey is an upcoming guest on the FDE podcast, so you can familiarize yourself with her story before tuning into her episode!

As always, we highly recommend every video on this list. Next week, we get even closer to the top ten, so narrowing it down to just a few recommendations will get harder and harder. What we really mean by that is make sure you watch them all!

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[Special thanks to ShareGrid on Unsplash for the cover photo]