Podcast Episode 61 - The Scoreboard of the Monday Church with Tom Nelson of Made to Flourish

Tom Nelson is the visionary pastors of a multi-site church called Christ Community in Kansas City, and he’s been widely recognized in the Faith Driven Entrepreneur community for his book, Work Matters: Connecting Sunday Worship to Monday Work. He also serves on the board of The Gospel Coalition and is President of Made to Flourish—a network of pastors trying to establish what it looks like to be a Monday church. What we love about Tom, and why we had him on today, is that he is working on a replicable model for what it looks like for the average church to affirm and encourage entrepreneurs.

We are always looking at how faith and entrepreneurship go hand in hand, and generally, we speak to entrepreneurs about their work and how their faith is involved. On this episode, Tom helps us look at this same topic from the other perspective—he explains first about his faith and then how it affects his work. What he shares in the process is a helpful theology of work, reminding us that we serve “an entrepreneurial God.”

Even while providing a theological framework, Tom also shares what it was like starting a church from the ground up—an entrepreneurial journey all its own. He shares how this experience shaped him and how it informs the way he interacts with entrepreneurs as a pastor. He introduces us to the idea of workplace visits and what it means for us to be willing to step out of our own comfort zone to meet someone where they are. As he says himself, “It’s important to be conversant in the world of others.” In this podcast, you’ll see that Tom not only believes that, but he lives it out as well.

What Tom shared with us on the podcast was both illuminating and exciting. His work has the potential to impact the way churches approach work, and it also helps entrepreneurs understand how work and worship can intersect.

We hope you enjoy this episode and pray that it encourages you on your journey!

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