Podcast Episode 60 - How an Interview with Hulk Hogan on Their Wedding Day Started a $40 Million Business with Jeff and Ally Davidson of Camp Gladiator


Today we’re on the road, connecting with Jeff and Ally Davidson down in Austin, Texas. They’re the founders of Camp Gladiator, a Fitness Franchise that has over 3500 locations across the country with 1,000 trainers and 100,000 members. They have a remarkable story of how God used a unique experience in the early days of reality TV to propel them in their entrepreneurial story. Just to give you a little taste, it started when Ally decided to try out for American Gladiators on the morning of their wedding. It’s an origin story unlike any other!

As you listen, you’ll find that not only is their beginning remarkable, but the way their faith interacts with their work is as well. They know the value of community and of running a business on Biblical principles, and in this episode we get to hear them talk about both! Listen to find out more about their entrepreneurial journey, how it started, the hard decisions they’ve faced, and how they’re using their business to glorify God and serve others.

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Camp Gladiator’s Ally Davidson: “Our Competition is Netflix. Our Competition is a Sedentary Lifestyle.” - Texas Monthly

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