Upcoming book - "Refugee Workforce: The Economic Case for Hiring the Displaced"

— by Chris Chancey

The last 5 years of running a staffing agency to help companies all over the US hire refugees who have already legally resettled in America has led us to two major conclusions:

  1. With 7 million open jobs in the marketplace, companies are desperate for dependable workers.

  2. Refugees have a strong desire to restore the dignity lost on their journey by working and paying taxes.

In the current political and economic climate, we felt like it was our responsibility to share our perspective on the legal, dependable and motivated Refugee Workforce through stories and stats. It’s purely an economic argument, one both sides of the aisle can support (which seems to be rare these days). If this concept is intriguing at all to you, go to refugeeworkforce.com and sign up to join the launch team. We need you to get this timely message on the radar of business leaders and policy makers.

P.S. - I’ve started writing several books and never finished them. This one would have the same fate if it weren’t for the writing prowess of Katie Gibson - she is fearless, talented and so incredibly efficient. thanks to Luke Keller for your leadership & support on this project! We’re just getting started bro! Sarah Chancey Thanks for giving me space/time to crank this out! Let’s do this Amplio Recruiting.


[Photo credit to Chris Chancey]