It's Time to Convene

This week, we have been sharing the importance of community, particularly peer groups for faith driven entrepreneurs. No doubt we learn more (and quicker) when we do it as a team! Here’s another peer group for you to consider:

Convene was founded in 1996 “to connect, equip and inspire Christian CEOs and business owners to grow exceptional businesses and become higher-impact leaders to honor God.” Their community has created quality resources to support Christian leaders in business but also build a community for them to learn and thrive together.

85% of Convene member companies 
outperform the companies in their industry.

Convene aims to answer some common CEO challenges:

As a group of CEOs, Business Owners, Emerging Leaders, and Owners, Convene seeks to combine industry leading performance with purpose. Across the US and even around the world, Convene Teams come together to experience insight, growth, and impact - and how they can translate that into a lasting legacy.

We hope you check out a group near you! Or join one of their many online groups.


[Photo credit to Convene]