Expand Your Community with a Peer Advisory Group!

Everyone reading this has a a type of community — family, church, industry — well what about with fellow faith-driven entrepreneurs?

There is something very powerful about getting together in community and encouraging each other in the pursuit of faith, family and vocation.  There is also something remarkably special about being able to share your entrepreneurial journey and all that it entails (how do I hire?  where should I get funding? how do I balance this crazy season I'm in with family responsibilities, etc.) with others that are, or have gone through similar things.  Our hope is that you'll seek out similar groups in your home city. Here’s a list of a few nationwide groups we encourage you checking out.

We encourage you to check our list of Top 10 Peer Advisory Groups!

Leave us a comment if you are a part of one and where it is :)


[Special thanks to  Shane Rounce on Unsplash for the photo]